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° 13 Tactile switches
° 5 Rotary encoders(PEC11H)
° 4 Toggle switches
° 89 RGB programmable LEDs(Simhub compatible)
° 3D printable at home
° Magnetic Mount for VI DDUs compatibility



  • 25 Inputs
  • Front policarbonate sticker
  • 13 Momentary pushbuttons(Alps skst)
  • 5 x rotary encoders
  • 4 x Latching buttons
  • 89 RGB LEDs compatible with Simhub

What's included

  • STEP files for CNC parts
  • STL Files for 3D Printed Part 
  • Gerber Files for PCB order 
  • Extra files for Realistic Stickers
  • 22-Page Manual
  • BOM
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Simracing buttonbox VI-296BB


The button box has a total of 27 Inputs shared between momentary and latching buttons and 5 Rotary encoders

Simracing buttonbox VI-296BB


You can control your RGB LEDs with telemetry based software like Simhub.

Add immersion to your experience with visual information like flags or TCS ABS activations right on button box.

VI-296BB PCB for your GT3 Inspired button box


Custom made PCB, no extra software required, ready to use out of the box.

Simracing buttonbox VI-296BB


The Button Box comes with a vesa 100x100 Pattern in the back compatible with most of the accessories in the market

Extra features:

  • Extra mounting holes compatible with our B5 and B7 DDUs to get a nice looking combo

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Full specs

100 x 100 Vesa mount

Front plate material: PLA or Carbon

Rear material: PLA

25 digital inputs(elma config)

13 x momentary pushbuttons

5 x Elma/Bours encoders

89 x WS2812B RBG leds


Q: How can i get this product?

A: You can send us a message in the form below, we'll aswer as soon as possible.


Q: Is it compatible with my ps4/console?

A: No, but we're working on a console compatible wheel for Thrustmaster users.


Q: Do i need to install Drivers or software to use the BB 296?

A: No, you can just plug it in and it will be recognised by Windows as a normal joystick.

Note that the LEDs are controlled by the Simhub but are completely optional.


Q: How can i mount to my Rig?

A: It has a 100x100 VESA pattern in the rear, you can use


  • All 8020 Rigs