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° 6.8" VoCore screen
° 20 RGB programmable LEDs
° ON-OFF Button
° Magnetic Mount & 3 M4 points for a Threaded mount
° Simhub compatible


Simhub dashboard template on the photos by lovelysimracing checkout his discord too



  • 6.8" Screen
  • 350 Lumen
  • 20 RGB LEDs compatible with Simhub
  • Single USB Type-B Port
  • Magnetic rear mount

What's included

  • B7-DDU
  • Compatible mount
  • 180cm USB cable
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Simracing dashboard B7-DDU


You can control your RGB LEDs with telemetry based software like Simhub.

Add immersion to your experience with visual information like flags or TCS ABS activations right on your Dashboard.

B7-DDU Simracing Dashboard Simhub

6.8" display

You can use your dashboard with the most popular telemetry-based software such as Simhub, Z1 Dashboard and JRT.

Customise your dashboard with the most realistic dash layout you want.

Simracing dashboard pcb


Only one cable is needed to connect to your PC, thanks to the customised PCB with integrated hub.

 LEDs precisely mounted on the PCB to get the best result from each one.

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Full specs

6.8" VoCore display

Dual 12mm hidden rear magnets

Unit weight around xxx grams 

Bracket weight around xx grams

20 WS2812B RGB LEDs

2 x Ambient light sensor(only one can be mounted/used at the time)

Optional rear port for Extra led devices.


Q: How can i get this product?

A: You can send us a message in the form below, we'll aswer as soon as possible.


Q: Can I use it on my real race car?

A: No, it comes with a USB port only, no CAN or CANBUS support.

Q: Is it compatible with my PS4 console?

A: No, but you can connect the Dash to your PC and receive telemetry from your console via UDP, but it's cumbersome and very limited.


Q: Will it work with my fanatec Base?

A: It may need spacers/standoffs


Q: Do i need to install Drivers or software to use the DDU?

A: You need to install Simhub or other telemetry compatible software like z1 or jrt, drivers for the vocore are needed(likely you already have if you installed a recent version of simhub).

Q: How can i mount to my Base?

A: In the STL files you have a good amount of brackets for (almost) all the motors in the market


  • Simucube 1 & 2
  • VRS DirectForce Pro
  • Simagic 
  • Moza
  • Thrustmaster
  • Cammus
  • OSW
  • Fanatec (With spacers)